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Winder Power Re-launches Cast Resin Range

Following a large number of enquiries from customers, Winder Power has re-launched its air cooled and cast resin transformer range, with the production of a new brochure designed to demonstrate its wide range of products and services available in this field.

close up of a cast resin transformer
close up of a cast resin transformer

Cast resin transformers have always been popular among certain industry sectors, especially where transformers need to be installed in confined spaces, such as inside buildings or underground. As such, Winder Power has been involved in numerous exciting projects from shopping centre back-up power supplies, to supplying transformers for mining and tunnelling operations, through to supporting the London Underground and Channel Tunnel infrastructures.

Winder Power’s new brochure details the wide range of specialist accessories and finishes available, including forced cooling systems, anti-vibrations pads, as well as bi-directional wheels, lifting hooks, earthing links and tapping terminal boards.

The benefits of air cooled, dry type transformers include compliance with IEC 60076-11 standards, and this includes suitability for working in temperatures as low as minus 25 degrees, the ability to cope with frequent condensation or heavy pollution, plus they also have restricted inflammability and low emissions of toxic substances and opaque fumes, making them less of a fire hazard. These qualities are especially valuable in locations such as hospitals, public premises, airports, underground railways, mines, oil rigs, nuclear power plants and on board ships.

Commenting on the re-launch, general manager Paul Matthews said; “We have a long history of producing bespoke cast resin transformers that exactly match our customers requirements, and our technical team prides itself on being able to understand these needs and suggest the best solution. A quick look at the list of projects that we have supplied dry type transformers for shows that our products are in place in some fantastic locations, including the Channel Tunnel. This demonstrates that when there is a need for power supply in difficult conditions, our products are among the best available.”

The brochure can be downloaded here:-

Winder Cast Resin Transformer Brochure