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Winder Power Invest in Sustainable Power

Winder Power have invested in sustainable power with Lithium Material Handling Equipment.

Winder Power are one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of power & distribution transformers, and are committed to becoming even greener!

We are supporting the UK’s net zero target by investing in sustainable power solutions, including switching to clean lithium electric material handling equipment. Winder Power are pioneering a change in the industry by removing emissions from the workplace. We are always striving to improve our environmental credentials by reducing our CO2 emissions, improving local air quality, being pollution free, carbon free and switching from gas to lithium power.

Our new Lithium battery powered forklift and pallet trucks mean:

  • No acid spills or harmful toxins
  • Energy efficient charging
  • Reducing our power consumption
  • Saving the planet


Safety is still our number 1 priority and these trucks allow us to use red laser perimeter lighting and a blue safety spotlight.

We believe the future is green power and want to inspire change, leading by example.