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Winder Power Doesn’t Make A Noise About NIE Order

With a supply partnership agreement dating back to 2003, and well over 100 power transformers delivered to date, Winder Power could be forgiven for shouting about its latest series of orders for Northern Ireland Electricity Networks (NIE Networks).

However, it’s all gone quiet at Winder Power’s Pudsey headquarters, thanks to an order for two low noise primary transformers

The 33/6.9kV units comprise the first power transformers to be shipped under Winder Power’s new framework agreement, and incorporate low noise fans in addition to the lower operating volumes.

Conscious of minimising intrusion on the transformers’ immediate surroundings, NIE Networks commissioned these Tier 2 units to be installed in the Greater Belfast area.

This order is the first of a raft of fully type-tested transformers due to be manufactured and shipped to NIE Networks throughout 2019, and symbolises the modern approach of many customers, as Operations Director Andy Pinkney explains.

“Customers are increasingly asking us to combine efficiency and performance so that people living near to transformer locations are not disturbed by them, whilst still ensuring that they are capable of delivering at a consistently high standard for many years to come.

“Our design department excels at juggling these requirements, thanks to the introduction of larger, low noise fans, quieter operation, and ultra efficient manufacturing techniques. These are very much the transformers of tomorrow, being delivered right now.”