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High voltage transformer from Winder heads for Jamaican Hydro Power Scheme

Leeds based power transformer manufacturers Winder Power have completed tests on their high voltage transformer in preparation for its export to Jamaica – their highest voltage transformer to date.

The 69,000 high volt transformer was subject to Winder’s full routine and type tests that included the simulation of a lightning strike at 280,000 volts. It will now be exported from the UK to play a major part in the Maggoty Hydro Expansion Project located on the Black River, Jamaica.


Paul Matthews, General Manager at Winder Power commented:Kier is providing an Engineer, Procure and Construct package for the expansion of the Maggoty Hydropower Scheme. We’re delighted that this package includes one of our 69,000 volt power transformers that will be shared by two hydro generators.”

The £330,000 high voltage transformer project contributes to Winder Power’s growing exports business, which now sees the company’s transformers reach 20 countries across the globe and accounts for 20% of the company’s annual turnover.

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High voltage transformer heads for Jamaican Hydro Power Scheme