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Hoeford, Fareham


Client: Undisclosed
Location: Hoeford, Fareham
Objective: On site refurbishment of 1 x 15MVA, 33kV Transformer

Scope of Work

  • Onsite refurbishment of 1 x 15MVA 33kV transformer.
  • Extract oil samples from the main tank before the commencement of the works and upon completion.
  • Partially drain the transformer oil, store locally off site, noting ERTS requirements.
  • Mobile oil filtration plant to attend site and degas and circulate the oil for min 12 hours.
  • Thoroughly steam clean the bund floors and tank to remove the oil stain residue, including environmental clean up and use of biomediation bugs.
  • Inspect/Maintain the Fuller HS317 On-Load Tap-changer.
  • Re-gasket items that are leaking oil, including handhole covers on the main tank cover, buchholz relay, WTI terminal box, small valves, sight glasses, air release bungs on the coolers and headers.
  • Remove the conservator end plate & oil sight glasses, wipe clean the inside of the conservator of any sludge. Re-gasket and repaint behind the oil level sight glasses.
  • Refurbish and maintenance of the coolers and manifold support frame.
  • IR Testing of the fans and oil pumps, any defects to be noted and rectified if possible.
  • Refurbish the existing oil explosion vent, replace the Bakelite diagram paper.
  • Refurbish the existing tank mounted 25kVA 11000/415v auxiliary transformer.
  • Check buchholz relay for correct operation (test before and after), fit new buchholz bleed pipes and taps.
  • Cooler control & tap change control kiosk ā€“ ensure the cabinets are rust free and weather proof, replace any corroded parts or door seals as required, repaint inside and out.
  • Replacement of labels.
  • Fully paint the complete transformer as per the customer specifications.
  • Supply/fit 1 No Brownell size ā€˜Vā€™ breather.
  • Carry out CT Testing.