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Amesbury, Wiltshire


Client: KUS Engineering
Location: Amesbury, Wiltshire
Objective: 90MVA Transformer Relocation Between Winchester and Amesbury

Scope of Work

This 132/33kV transformer was previously located at Winchester Grid as a spare transformer for the DNO,  it is now ready for service in Amesbury after a full four week project, which included the following works:

  • Undertaking various site meetings to discuss the commissioning, strip down, removal, transport, installation & commissioning at both locations.
  • A full pre-relocation commissioning checks to determine the condition of the transformer which included the correct operation of all protection devices.
  • We then undertook a full strip down of the transformer and cooler bank at Winchester to meet the requirements to travel on  a UK road.
  • Our specialist contractor then skidded the 90MVA transformer from it’s storage area position at Winchester onto the semi-low loader ready for transporting to it’s new home at Amesbury Grid Substation.
  • Once the transformer arrived it was skidded onto the new plinth within the day and sat on new anti-vibration pads.
  • Modifications was required at Amesbury for the new transformer to suit the new site which included the re-handing of the cooler bank onto the opposite side.
  • Once the build of the transformer was complete, we then refilled the transformer with the previously removal oil and undertook the oil filtration.
  • Completed with a full range of commissioning as per the DNO’s specification, again checking the all protection devices was operating correctly and handover of the transformer with all paper work.