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Why Buy A Winder Power Transformer?

As one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of power and distribution transformers for utility, industrial and power generation companies, we are justifiably proud of the fact that we are making high quality products at our factory in West Yorkshire.

So why buy a Winder power transformer from us? Our customers tell us that once they have worked with us and received their transformers, they like to stay with us.  Most of our business is built on repeat orders with existing customers.

Power Transformer being installed in Scotland

Initial Cost

The initial cost, or indeed the capitalized cost, of the transformer is probably the start, and often end, point for many of our tenders,

and we make no apologies for the fact that, compared to some manufacturers, our headline price may not appear to be the lowest on the tender list.

We fundamentally believe there is enormous value in our offering.  We are based in the heart of the UK with a responsive team.  We focus very hard on fast turn-around of prices; good mechanical and electrical designs; in-house manufacturing and excellent UK based installation and aftersales services.

All of these contributions mean that your transformer will be a good quality unit providing 40 years of trouble free service.


Winder Power Transformer in transit

Transformers are heavy and bulky, they require specialist skills when it comes to transportation.

Our installation team is very experienced in all aspects of transformer transportation, ensuring the protection of your asset as well as minimising disruption and downtime.

Winder is responsive, flexible and local; something which definitely adds value.






Environmental Impact

For those customers who are based in the UK, there are many advantages in working with Winder Power. Not least is the lower environmental impact of selecting a local business; being local means our transportation is minimised resulting in a much lower environmental impact.


Winder Power after sales supportAlthough our specification process is as thorough as it can be, none of us knows quite what the future holds, and many of our customers rely on us to modify their transformers at a later date, in line with their changing requirements.  This is of course much easier if our team is on hand to perform site visits, test the equipment and supervise any necessary modifications.

Nothing is certain and occasionally things do go wrong, and when that happens it is paramount that call outs are handled swiftly and effectively. Winder Power’s after sales team excel at supporting customers with some of the quickest response times in the industry, with most sites being visited within 24 hours.