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BSI maintains membership of CEN and CENELEC despite EU exit

The British Standards Institute (BSI) recently announced that the CEN and CENELEC General Assemblies, responsible for setting European Standards for trade globally, voted overwhelmingly in favour of the BSI’s continued membership of their organisations.

This means that the BSI, under a new category of membership specifically set up to accommodate countries that have exited the EU, retains all its previous rights to run committees, to participate and to adopt ENs.

Winder Power is proud to have Tony Hall as its own engineering representative on the BSI PEL14 Transformers Committee, and Tony is also a member of both European and International Standard Working Groups.

Commenting on the announcement, senior transformer design engineer Tony Hall said; “This recent announcement from the BSI ensures continuity of the same standards for the UK as the rest of Europe, and means that we can continue to be members, as well as filling an active part of the decision-making process, across all of our engineering interests in terms of transformer design and manufacture.”

“In turn this gives our customers reassurance that we are compliant and in alignment with all CEN and CENELEC processes and regulations.”

Writing in their member announcement, the BSI concluded that; “This decision provides certainty and continuity for our UK stakeholders. It is fully in line with the UK/EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement, and supports the UK Designated Standards System, which specifically refers to the role of European Standards.”