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BEAMA launches new campaign focused on creating a fit for purpose supply chain for critical National infrastructure

BEAMA, the UK association for manufacturers and providers of energy infrastructure, is this week launching a political campaign to highlight how industry and Government need to work together to create a fit for purpose supply chain for UK critical national infrastructure.

The UK has ambitious proposals to de-carbonise the energy system by 2050 with specific focus on transforming our system infrastructure into a smart, low carbon electricity system. These plans will facilitate the delivery of a smarter grid, enable the UK to meet carbon targets and allow the decarbonisation of energy, transport and in the longer-term heat.

In order to deliver these plans, the role of an improved electricity network is vital. The network has an important role to play in facilitating faster decarbonisation, technology adoption and enhanced customer experiences and savings.

To help enable these plans, in September, BEAMA member companies signed an industry commitment to the UK Net-Zero by 2050 target. The association is now calling for:

  • Government and Ofgem to work with industry to develop clear supply chain strategies and recognise the importance of the UK supply chain.
  • Government and Ofgem to provide certainty for investment, industry and supply chain.
  • An open call for solutions for the highest priority issues for network development, with a neutral body announcing the winning bids.
  • Government and Ofgem to create an environment where successful innovation is promoted, scaled and appropriately rewarded.

Dr Howard Porter, BEAMA CEO, said “BEAMA is ready and able to share our solutions and expertise with Government to help deliver on UK de-carbonisation plans and to ensure the future delivery of green clean electricity. We look forward to engaging and working with Government and key political stakeholders in the coming months”.