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BBC Today Programme Visits Winder Power

Winder Power was delighted to host the Radio 4 Today programme on Thursday 11th May, as presenter Nick Robinson sought to understand how Brexit might affect the economy of the North of England.

Joining Finance Director Andy Mill on the panel was Redmayne Bentley’s James Andrews, to give a perspective from the Leeds financial sector. Also on the show were MPs and party hopefuls Hilary Benn, Greg Mulholland, Ed Carlisle and Paul Latham, along with IPSOS MORI chief executive Ben Page.

Mr Robinson conducted a factory walk to get a feel for what Winder Power is all about, and at just after 8:20 interviewed Andy Mill to find out how he thought Brexit might affect the company, and indeed whether the uncertainty had already started that process.

As a net importer, of course Winder Power is keen to understand what tariffs, if any, may be brought into effect, and Andy reiterated the view of many business leaders that the earlier politicians could advise them of any changes, the better it would be for the business world.

Commenting on the experience, Andy said; “It was really interesting to see how one of the media’s flagship programmes works, and we were delighted to be able to represent in some way the hopes and fears of our regional business community.”

Launched on the BBC’s Home Service on 28 October 1957, Today is Radio 4’s most popular programme and reaches more than seven million listeners a week. Winder Power’s invitation to host the show stemmed from the company’s membership of the Made in Yorkshire manufacturing and engineering peer group.

Take a listen to the interview.