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40 Years Service for Colin Ibbotson

Colin Ibbotson celebrates 40 years at Winder Power

Everyone at Winder Power has been congratulating Colin Ibbotson who has clocked up an amazing 40 years with the company.

Many companies talk about the long-serving colleagues within their team, but some of the team at Winder Power really do deliver year in, year out, over a huge number of years.

To put that into perspective, when Colin joined the company Margaret Thatcher had just been appointed leader of the Tory party, the Vietnam War was still underway, Betamax video tapes had just been launched, and Jaws was released at the cinema. Whichever of those memories strikes a chord, we can agree that they all happened a long time ago!

We all thank Colin for his unstinting service, and hope that he continues adding to his tally for many years to come.

Colin is pictured receiving his gift from Laurence and Dave.